At Freedom Arms, LLC, we’re only interested in providing you with actionable knowledge about gun silencers, how to select the right suppressor for your needs, and more. Check out our most frequently asked questions below to learn more or contact us with specific questions.

Why are silencers (suppressors) in such high demand?

Until recently, most Americans thought silencers were illegal.  There are many benefits: better hunting, no hearing protection, less recoil, better accuracy, and happy neighbors.  This market segment is the fastest growing in the firearms industry.

What’s the silencer buying process like?

For many, purchasing a silencer is an intimidating, confusing process. However, the process is actually more straightforward than you think. If you live in a state where owning a silencer is legal, you can purchase a silencer from Freedom Arms, LLC. The transfer process is simple but you must choose whether you want to register the suppressor to a trust, to a corporation, or in your own name. To learn more about which may be best for you, check out our guide or contact a member of our staff to learn more about purchasing your new gun silencer.

What are the benefits of owning a silencer?

There are countless benefits of owning a silencer, a few of which include:

  • No necessary hearing protection
  • Reduces recoil
  • Improves accuracy
  • Allows you to spend more time hunting; and
  • No upset neighbors

Who can you sell to?

Currently, we’re licensed to sell directly to residents in Arizona. However, we can also sell to residents outside of Arizona and assist with your local transfer. For most customers, we’re able to mail the approved silencer and all forms directly to you, meaning you’ll never have to visit our physical location. This enables us to sell to customers across the country, no matter their zip code!

How do you choose which silencers to keep in stock?

We’ve found customers have three main issues driving their purchasing decisions:

  1. Best sound reduction
  2. Best value for the price; and
  3. Lightest weight for hunting convenience

Due to the large variance in customer preferences, we do not stock a large variety of silencers. We can order any manufacturer’s silencer to ensure you have everything you need. When you’re browsing your options, please note that a higher price doesn’t automatically mean that a silencer will be quieter. Large manufacturers commonly compromise value to mass produce in large volumes and turn larger profits (meaning you’ll pay more for less quality). As always, you can contact us during the week and after hours via email to assist with the purchasing process if you aren’t sure which silencer is right for you

Can you help me purchase my silencer through a Gun Trust?

At Freedom Arms, LLC, we offer a Gun Trust free for all our customers. In fact, most of our customers choose to purchase their Class 3 firearms through a Gun Trust. Through a Gun Trust,  you can create a “joint ownership” scenario in which you can legally share your silencer.  You can also select who will inherit.  Because we are here to assist with your paperwork, we ensure the ATF won’t reject your paperwork. To discuss further benefits of a Gun Trust, contact a member of our team at 800-214-6193.

Do I need to have a Class 3 License to purchase a silencer?

No! The best way to think of a silencer purchase is as a “title” transfer between our company and your Gun Trust or to you directly. While ATF must approve this transfer (which we will assist with), you do not physically need your own license to make a purchase.

How long does it take for the ATF to approve my purchase?

One of the most significant benefits of working with our company is that we can process purchases quickly and expedite the ATF approval process. We normally process purchases within 3 to 4 days. Of course, the time for ATF approval following our processing may fluctuate depending upon demand placed on the ATF. Currently, ATF is at 6 to 8 months.

Is there a federal tax involved in purchasing a silencer?

There is a $200 Tax Stamp required per silencer. This fee is tax deductible and is a one-time fee. The best way to conceptualize this fee is as a title transfer tax.

Where to get barrels threaded?

You most often can purchase threaded barrels through us or some other firearms dealer. Most of the time when a client calls about an issue with their silencer… it turns out to be a poor threading job.  Scheels and Gander Mountain do a great job on threading barrels.

Can I order any silencer from any manufacturer from you?

Absolutely! We can easily acquire a silencer from a manufacturer we don’t typically carry on our site.

Will you transfer a silencer if I buy one online from another?

Absolutely! However, just keep in mind the transfer to us from another dealer not licensed in your state can delay your approval by 3 to 4 months. If you’re considering purchasing from another dealer, please note that we can quickly order your item from the manufacturer or a national wholesaler. Soon thereafter, we’ll obtain a serial number to begin the transfer process quickly. By ordering through us, you will get your silencer much quicker than if you were to order from a small dealer or a dealer not licensed in your state. In addition to silencers, we also offer NFA items.

Are silencers as quiet as on the movies?

The only silencer as quiet in real life as it appears in movies is the .22 rimfire. All other calibers will sound like a .22 short to a .22 long when suppressed.

What do you think about a quick detach (QD) model for a silencer?

Because many QD mounts come loose and go down range, we don’t recommend them to our customers. QD models are known to negatively affect accuracy, are louder due to less baffles, can create alignment issues, may drive up costs because you’ll need a connector for each weapon, and are too hot once fired to detach quickly. Additionally, a QD mount is just another thing to worry about and align, further reinforcing the negative repercussions of purchasing and using a QD. While we don’t see the practical benefits of a QD, we will gladly order one for you.

Can I use a .30 caliber silencer on all sub calibers?

Yes! Doing so is very common with a stacked baffle design, like the Mack Brother’s Varminter 3.0 in .308. Having one silencer for all rifle applications doesn’t often impact performance because .308 silencers are longer with additional baffles. Due to its light weight, titanium is one of the most popular materials for application on all sub calibers. Please note that not all .308 silencers work well on a .223. Stack baffle design is typically best for dual application because there is a greater surface area to remove heat from the blast. In recent tests, Dakota Silencer Company found that their own exclusive silencer, the Mack Brothers Varminter 3.0 in .308, was quieter on a .223 than a .223 silencer was.