Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil – 1 oz


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Used and recommended by major firearms manufacturers, Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil is specially formulated for high volume, high heat and friction firearms and was designed for full auto firearms, SBRs and suppressors as well as semi-auto rifles, shotguns and pistols. It offers superior burn-off, shock and heat resistance, unlike any other multi-purpose gun oil. A unique additive keeps the oil from running and migrating while the polymeric film protects from rust, wear and moisture and resists carbon, lead and copper fouling and dramatically reduces wear during all shooting conditions. Applying Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil to bores, bolt carriers and gas pistons makes clean-up of powder residue, copper and carbon fouling a much easier task. Apply a light coat to suppressor baffles, mounts, muzzle breaks and flash hiders to resist carbon build up and to make cleaning quicker and easier. It neutralizes acids from fingerprints and resists drying for long term storage use.

  • Developed for demanding lubrication during hard use.
  • Extreme working temperature range of -38°F to 400°F.
  • Great for ultra-sonic cleaner use for small or bulk parts lubrication.
  • Superior blow back resistance, keeping oil out of your face and off your glasses


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